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PEPPM Not E-rate Eligible for FY 2014
November 7, 2013

For several reasons directly related to new E-rate rules and interpretations, the PEPPM contract will not be eligible for use beginning in Funding Year 2014. Therefore schools and libraries that will be requesting Priority 2 funding for FY 2014 must complete the following steps:

• Post a Form 470s for P2 equipment/services. Don't forget that you must include the words "or equivalent" when listing specific manufacturer's equipment on the Form 470.
• Simultaneously bid in local newspapers (if the total contract will be $18,500 or more, or obtain telephonic quotes if between $10,000 - $18,499)
• After the Form 470 has been posted for 28 days, then evaluate all vendor proposals received (including equivalent manufacturer bids)
• Obtain board approval, if required (note: you may wish to make the contract contingent upon E-rate funding)
• Sign a contract with the awarded vendor
• Submit the Form 471 before the window closes in mid-March (exact date hasn't been announced)

Obviously, this is going to require several extra layers of work when applying for Priority 2 funding requests for FY 2014. Please be sure to build-in extra time to complete these tasks and do not wait until late January or early February to post your 470's.

Also, don't forget about the technology plan requirement for Priority 2 requests which says that technology plans must be WRITTEN prior to the posting of the Form 470. This doesn't mean that the plans must be approved or even submitted. Just be sure you have a draft plan in your file that is dated on or before the date you post your Form 470 for audit purposes. It doesn't have to be approved until July 1, 2014.

Please know that in the E-rate 2.0 Reform efforts, we are strongly encouraging the FCC to allow all state contracts to be E-rate eligible in future years without the need for Form 470 bidding. This will be especially important as they seek to fund networking equipment and wiring for all schools and libraries.

If you have any questions related to filing for Priority 2 equipment or services for FY 2014, please don't hesitate to contact me.

-- Julie

Julie Tritt Schell
PA E-rate Coordinator

717-730-7133 - o
717-730-9060 - f

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