ECF Form 472 BEAR Reimbursement Filing Guide

October 7, 2021

Attached: ECF Reimbursement Form

Attached is the ECF Form 472 BEAR Reimbursement Filing Guide that shows the following:

  • ECF Form 472 BEAR Overview
  • Switching from BEAR to SPI invoicing method (or visa versa)
  • BEAR deadlines
  • Pre-payment reimbursement option (prospective reimbursements)
  • Where to access ECF BEAR
  • Screen-by-screen instructions for filing the ECF BEAR
  • What happens next

As a reminder, here’s how to access the ECF Form 472 BEAR:

1. Login to One Portal at:
2. Select the ECF Portal option (3rd on the list).  Note:  the second option says FCC Form 472 BEAR, but this option is only for E-rate BEARs, not ECF BEARs
3. From your ECF Dashboard, click Actions (far right), then select the “File ECF FCC Form 472/BEAR” to enter the form.

As always, please e-mail me know if you have any questions about filing this form.

– Julie

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