Helpful Hints for the New Form 471

March 30, 2015

Form 471 Filing Status:  There are about 1250 PA schools and libraries that file Form 471s each year and this year, only 580 have submitted so far.  If you’re one of the 670 entities that haven’t hit submit, please try to complete your applications as soon as you can – before you leave for the holidays if possible!  Even if your Form 470 allowable contract date hasn’t passed, you can still begin your application and complete the Discount Calculation and Connectivity Sections in advance.  PIA reviews have begun and the earlier you file, the earlier you’ll be funded!

Attached are my Guides to filing for Category 1 and Category 2 Funding Requests, and here are some helpful hints to remember when filing the new Form 471:

1)  Use the Item 21 Template for Category 2 Requests, but just complete the online Item 21 for Category 1 Requests.  Templates are available at:

2)  Use the Narrative Section to Explain Cost Allocations – Because most voice funding requests this year contain ineligible services/features, be sure to use the Narrative box in the Key Information Section to explain what features/services you have cost allocated from your request – AND – be sure to include those amounts in the “ineligible” costs on the Item 21.  For example, if you have removed text messaging and data plans from your cellular voice requests, be sure to indicate that in the Narrative box and then list the cost of those ineligibles in the Item 21 section.

3)  If you see a ? next to the Item 21 Button, it likely means that you haven’t completed the Manage Recipients function to show which entities are receiving the service or equipment.  Click on the Manage Recipients button to complete this task, or, if you don’t see that button, click on the + symbol to the very left of that line item.  The Manage Recipients button will appear again.


4)  Be sure to check VOICE in the Key Information Section if the funding request is for cellular, local, long distance, PRIs, Centrex or VOIP services.  These are not considered “Telecommunications” for the purpose of the Form 471 this year.  The system will then know to deduct the 20 discount percentage points from your pre-discount request.


5)  For Internal Connections, be sure to list the total extended cost and not the unit price.  Although the system asks for quantities, it does not ask for unit price and therefore you must do the math offline and then list the total cost.

6)  Other Helpful Hints/FAQs

If you have any other questions, please e-mail me at

– Julie

Julie Tritt Schell
PA E-rate Coordinator

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