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In order to provide Pennsylvania’s schools and libraries with updated information concerning program changes, pitfalls, filing reminders, funding announcements, and trainings, the Pennsylvania E-rate Coordinator maintains an active one-way listserve. Typically, 8-12 messages are sent per month, depending on program activity. To subscribe, e-mail Julie Tritt Schell at with your name, organization and e-mail address (e-mail addresses are never shared). A list of previous listserve messages dating back to the program’s inception can be found under the Listserve Archive Erate-arrow.


E-rate Trainings:

Training Class

Date Registration
Ask Me Anything! Webinars  3/26/19, 11 AM  Location
Ask Me Anything! Webinars  3/24/19, 1 PM  Location
Ask Me Anything! Webinars  3/21/19, 1 PM  Location
Ask Me Anything! Webinars  3/19/19, 11 AM  Location
Ask Me Anything! Webinars  3/12/19, 11 AM  Location
Category 2 Form 471 Training  2/21/2019, 1-2 PM – PDF  Completed
Category 1 Form 471 Training  2/20/2019, 1-2 PM – PDF  Completed
Category 2:  Maximizing Your Budgets in FY 2019  2/11/2019, 3:45-4:45 PM   Completed
E-rate for Beginners  2/10/2019, 1-4 PM  Completed
Category 2 Training – Public Schools – PDF 11/9/2018, 1:00  Completed
Category 2 Training – Nonpublic Schools and Libraries – PDF  11/9/2018, 10:00  Completed
Beginner’s Erate Training Webinar – PDF  11/8/2018, 10:00  Completed
Beginner’s E-rate Training (Capital Area IU 15) – PDF   10/24/2018, 9-4 PM Completed
E-rate Webinar for Veteran Applicants – PDF    10/19/2018, 1-2:30 PM Completed
Beginner’s E-rate Training (Carbon Lehigh IU 21) – PDF   10/3/2018 9-4 PM Completed
Beginner’s E-rate Training (Appalachia IU 8) – PDF  10/1/2018, 9-4 PM  Completed

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USAC Training Materials

The School and Libraries Division of USAC (SLD) annually conducts training for applicants. To view all upcoming trainings and/or to download the training materials, visit:


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