Master Contracts

Image_9PA PEPPM Contract E-rate Information

For schools that choose to use the PEPPM Contract as the procurement option for their E-rate Category 2 applications, a mini-bid process must be conducted among all manufacturers that can provide that “category” of equipment in order to meet the E-rate requirement that all equivalent product lines must be provided the opportunity to submit proposals.  This page provides a comprehensive, yet simple, step-by-step guide to conducting your PEPPM Mini-Bid.  It’s important that each step be followed in order and in its entirety in order to be E-rate compliant.

IMPORTANT – Timing of FY 2019 PEPPM Mini-Bids: If you intend to use the PEPPM Mini-bid system as the procurement vehicle for your FY 2019 Category 2 equipment purchases, NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT RELEASE A PEPPM MINI-BID TO VENDORS UNTIL AT LEAST JANUARY 2, 2019. The reason is that the current PEPPM contract expires at the end of 2018 and the next contract will not become available for use until January 2, 2019. Thus, no mini-bids can be issued to the new awarded vendors until at least that date. The Form 471 filing deadline is expected to be mid-March, which means that, assuming your PEPPM procurement is conducted in early January, your C2 contracts will have to go to your school boards in late January or February.


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