PA State Master PEPPM Contract E-rate Information

For schools that choose to use the PA State Master PEPPM Contract as the procurement option for their E-rate Category 2 applications, a mini-bid process must be conducted among all manufacturers that can provide that “category” of equipment in order to meet the E-rate requirement that all equivalent product lines must be provided the opportunity to submit proposals.  It’s important that you first begin by reviewing the comprehensive, yet simple, step-by-step PEPPM E-rate Bidding Guide 2024, and then use the attachments below to complete the process.  


PEPPM E-rate Bidding Guide 2024

Step 1: Create Equipment Bid List (Attachment A)

Step 2: Create E-mail to All Awarded Vendors in Bidding Category (Attachment B)

Step 3: Filter PEPPM Product/Category List for List of Awarded Vendors’ Contact Info (Attachment C)

        Note:  Always use the most recent PEPPM Product/Category List when issuing your mini-bid and download list for record retention!

Step 4: Conduct Bid Evaluation (Attachment D)

Step 5: E-mail Winning Vendor (Attachment E)

Step 6:  Create EPC Contract Record (Attachment F).  See also PEPPM Contract Record Guide


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