Help for Invoices Pending More Than 60 Days

February 4, 2016

Some of you have reported invoices (BEARs and SPIs) pending at USAC more than 60 days, particularly Category 2 invoices.  The typical turnaround is no more than 30 days, but due to the large volume of invoices there seems to be a backlog.  If you submitted an invoice to USAC more than 60 days ago and funds still have not been authorized for disbursement, please send the following information directly to Mick Kraft, head of USAC invoicing, and ask for his assistance in expediting your payment:

Send to:

Billed Entity Number:


Invoice Number (you’ll only know this if the invoice was submitted online):

Date Invoice Submitted:

Category 1 or Category 2:

Please copy me ( on your e-mail.

Note: If you filed the BEAR online, be sure to confirm that your service provider actually certified it.  How do you know this?  You should have received a confirmation e-mail which says the vendor certified 1/1 line items on your BEAR, but sometimes those confirmations aren’t sent.  To know for sure, log into the Online BEAR system and locate your submitted BEAR (Track Form function).  Here are the different statuses:

Pending Validation – Means the vendor has NOT certified the BEAR and it is not considered submitted.  Contact the vendor and have them certify it ASAP.  (Don’t send this to Mick as an overdue invoice).

Passed Validation – Means the vendor DID certify the BEAR and it’s pending at USAC. These are the ones that should be submitted to Mick Kraft if the service provider certified it more than 60 days ago.

Completed – Means USAC has approved the invoice and payment has been sent to the service provider.  If you have this status and your vendor has not yet provided your reimbursement, contact the vendor ASAP.


Julie Tritt Schell
PA E-rate Coordinator

717-730-7133 – o
717-730-9060 – f


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