Updated CEP Enrollment Data Released

February 22, 2016

When the PDE NSLP Data was sent to the listserve in January, the enrollment data for CEP schools was listed on the CEP Tab of the spreadsheet.   We have just learned that those enrollment figures were based on last year’s enrollments — not the October 1, 2015 enrollments.  Attached is an updated spreadsheet showing the enrollment data for CEP schools as of October 2015.  Also attached is an updated graphic showing screenshots of the EPC profile pages for both CEP schools and non CEP schools.  Enrollment data for non-CEP schools has not changed.

This 2015 data is what will be reported to USAC and used to validate PA schools’ enrollment and NSLP data.  You may use this 2015 data in your schools’ EPC profiles, or you may use last year’s data, more recent data, or alternative data (such as surveys, sibling matches, etc.).  If you use data other than the 2015 data, you should expect a call from the PIA staff requesting thorough documentation to validate your figures.

Where to Modify Enrollment/NSLP Data in EPC:
To access the page in your EPC profile to update this information, follow these steps from your EPC Landing Page:

> Go to your EPC Landing Page (home screen).  Click on the USAC Logo in the top left side of the page to get there.
> Click on the School’s name for which you want to modify (tab through to see other schools as they only show 5 to a page)
> This screen will show the school’s data currently in the system.  To modify this data, click on Modify Organization at the top right side of the page
> Scroll down to the School Information Section and enter the relevant data.  Note: The data currently in the fields is what you listed on your FY 2015 Form 471, Block 4.
> Note, the system will require you to fill in 0 for the part time fields if you only have full time students.  It also will require you to list that you didn’t use an Alternative Discount Mechanism.
> After you click Submit, the system will ask you to assign a Nickname to this change.  I suggest you use “Updated NSLP data for FY 2016″ or something similar.
> To return to the list of schools, click on the USAC Logo on the top left side of the page to return to your Landing Page. Start the process over for the next school.

A few important notes:

1)  Each school’s profile page has fields for State School and LEA Codes and NCES codes.  You are not required to enter this data, but if you want the State School and LEA Codes, they are contained in the PDE NSLP file.

2)  Likewise, each school’s profile page asks for the FCCRN.  This stands for FCC Registration Number and is a unique number given to each district or organization.  Each school does NOT have an FCCRN and despite the warning below the box which says “You will need to provide your FCC RN in order to file any E-rate forms” you do not have to list anything in this box.

3)  You also aren’t required to list the school’s longitude and latitude date or the website URL.

4) This spreadsheet only contains buildings that have students participating in the NSLP program.  If your school does not participate in the NSLP, they still must be included in your EPC Portal and have enrollment and NSLP eligibility data entered.  If you do not have the NSLP data and cannot obtain it from other sources, you can list 0 and receive the minimum 20% E-rate discount for that school.

5)  Don’t forget:  Your EPC profiles must contain ALL of the buildings that are receiving E-rate discounted services, including your non-instructional facilities (NIFs), such as bus barns, administration buildings, etc.  If you have not yet added those NIF buildings into your EPC Portal, call USAC at 888-203-8100 and have them added.

6)  There is a template to upload the enrollment/NSLP or CEP data into EPC instead of going through this process school by school, but I don’t believe it is currently functional.  Therefore, please enter your data into EPC manually.

7)  Consortia will NOT enter this data for their member schools/districts.  In fact, they cannot enter this data for their members (it all has to be done at the district level).  However, if the IU has obtained a Consultant Registration Number (CRN), they can enter this data on behalf of their schools if, as the consultant, they’ve been given full or partial rights.

8)  If you have any questions about your NSLP information, contact Joan Plank at the Bureau of Food and Nutrition at 717-783-6558.  If you have questions about your CEP information, contact Eliza Hanft at ehanft@pa.gov.

9)  If you have any questions about calculating your E-rate discounts, please don’t hesitate to contact me at jtschell@comcast.net.

– Julie

Julie Tritt Schell
PA E-rate Coordinator

717-730-7133 – o
717-730-9060 – f


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