FCC Adopts E-rate Reforms

July 13, 2014

~ 2 Webinars Scheduled ~

Today the FCC adopted sweeping reforms to many aspects of the E-rate program which will become effective beginning in Funding Year 2015.  Details of the 158+ page Order will not be released until at least next week, and I will provide a full summary to the listserve after I know the full extent of the changes.  In addition, I will also be scheduling a series of webinars in the coming weeks, FAQs, etc. to ensure that every PA applicant is prepared for what’s to come.  The first two webinars (identical) will be held on Monday, July 21 from 9 – 11:30, and Thursday, July 24 from 1 – 3:30.  No pre-registration is required and I will send additional information about accessing the webinars next week.

Attached is the FCC’s very high-level Fact Sheet released today that is worth reviewing.  The information that I’ll provide in the webinars will be much more comprehensive and will cover changes to the following program areas (at least).

  • District-wide Discount Calculations for Priority 1 and 2
  • Priority 1 Service Eligibility Changes and Voice Phase Out Schedule
  • Priority 1 Bidding Exemptions for Certain Services
  • Priority 1 Bundled/Free Equipment Limitations
  • Priority 2 Service/Equipment Eligibility Changes and Additions
  • Priority 2 Discount Matrix Changes
  • Priority 2 Funding Caps and Floor per School/Library
  • Priority 2 Annual Funding Targets/Availability
  • Community Eligibility Provision 1.6 Multiplier for NSLP
  • Technology Plan Requirement Changes
  • Electronic Filing Requirement for Forms
  • Expanded Document Retention Rules
  • Establishment of National Broadband Goals
  • GSA Contract and Reverse Auctions Provisions
  • Lowest Corresponding Price Safe Harbor
  • Data Collection Expansion
  • Consortium Incentives
  • Pricing Transparency
  • Preferred Master Contracts
  • Consortia Application Processing
  • Multi-Year Contract Application Streamlining
  • Direct BEAR Invoicing
  • Audits
  • Further NPRM on Several Issues

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