End of E-rate Filing Window Updates

May 24, 2016

~ Deadline is May 26 ~

How to change data in a Contract Record:

After you’ve submitted your Contract Record in EPC, there’s no way to make modifications to it.  If you submitted a contract and realized something’s wrong, simply create a new Contract Record with the correct information, go back to your 471/FRN and on the page where it asks for your contract, simply click “Search” again and it will show all of the contracts in your EPC profile (including the one you just added).  When you select the new contract, it will replace the one you previously selected.  The old/imperfect Contract Record in EPC will simply die on the vine.  (Note, we’ve asked USAC to include a “delete contract” feature for FY 2017.)

What to do if you accidentally listed $0.00 in the “Total budgeted amount allocated to resources not eligible for E-rate” on the 471 Certification Page:

USAC confirmed that you don’t have to submit a RAL correction for this and that you likely won’t even receive a PIA question about it this year.

How to find PIA Inquiries:

Some of you have begun to receive e-mails from USAC indicating that you have PIA inquiries in EPC but are having a difficult time actually finding or replying to them.  USAC is having some initial “challenges” with these notifications as well as the PIA questions and we’re working with USAC officials to help work out these kinks.  Please be patient and I’ll provide a full PIA Review Process Overview after the window closes.

As of today, here is a status of PA’s 471 filings:

Applicants:           767

471s:                    1375

FRNs:                    2883

If you have any questions at all about EPC or filing your FY 2016 Form 471, please contact me!  We’re in the home stretch!

– Julie

Julie Tritt Schell
PA E-rate Coordinator

717-730-7133 – o
717-730-9060 – f


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