Next Step? Review Your Submitted Data/Make Corrections

 May 15, 2017

Attached: FY 2017 Form 471 Data

Congratulations to the 997 PA schools and libraries who submitted their FY 2017 Form 471s before last Thursday’s deadline!  If you missed the 471 deadline, file your application ASAP (but no later than May 25) and then contact me for assistance in seeking a waiver from the FCC.

What’s the next step?  Attached is an Excel filing containing 6 tabs – each one containing various elements of your submitted Form 471.  Please open the file, filter by your entity’s name on each tab, and make sure that your data is accurate.  If you need to make any corrections to the data you may do so by using the RAL Correction Process up until the date you receive your Funding Commitment Decision Letter (FCDL), however I strongly encourage you submit your RAL Corrections as soon as you know of a change that must be made so the PIA reviewer can have it in-hand during their review. If you want to add an FRN or increase funding, you also may request this change, but you will be asked to show documentation dated prior to the window deadline to substantiate the request.

The RAL Correction Process is done entirely online and replaces the old Receipt Acknowledgement Letters (RALs) that USAC mailed after a 471 was submitted on which you could make changes and fax back.

Note:  There are some corrections you’ll want to make that don’t appear to be able to be done using the Online RAL Correction Process.  If the modification you want to request is not included in the options below, create a Word document that describes your modification request in detail and use the Application Details Upload File function in the Supporting Documentation section of the Application Details page to upload your document.

Finding the RAL Correction Feature in EPC

Follow these steps from your EPC Landing Page:

> Click on Name of District or Library

> FCC Forms (from left Toolbar)

> Form 471 > FY 2017

> Click on Relevant 471 Number

> Related Actions (from left Toolbar)

> Submit Modification Request (RAL)

> Then answer the appropriate questions in the RAL Correction Module

Options Available for RAL Corrections/Changes
When you enter the RAL Correction module, you will be asked if you want to make changes to the “Application” or to the “Entity.”  Entity changes will relate just to your organization and your schools’ and libraries’ including their addresses, enrollment/NSLP data, etc.   Most applicants will choose “Application” as this relates to all of the funding requests in your application.  Depending on which you choose, there will be sub-topics that also must be selected.  Listed below are the major options:


> Application Details:  If you click the Application button and then choose Application Details from the sub-category dropdown, click the Continue button. You can either cancel your application, or you can modify the application nickname, the contact person, and the holiday contact information.

> Funding Request Details:  If you click the Application button and then choose Funding Request Details, you will see a list of the funding request numbers (FRNs) on this form.

  • To Create a new FRN and add its key information, click the Add FRN button.
  • To Modify an Existing FRN, check the box to the left of the FRN:
    • View Line Items allows you to view the line items for that FRN. If you check the box next to a line item, you can edit the line item or manage the recipients of service.
    • Edit Funding Request allows you to Cancel the FRN or edit the FRN Key Information.
    • Edit Purchase Agreement allows you to make certain changes to the information you originally entered regarding services provided under contract or on a tariffed or month-to-month basis. Note that if you chose contracted services and now want to associate a different contract record with your FRN, you must first create that new contract record in your profile so that it will appear in your search results.


> BEN:  If you click the Entity button and then click BEN, check the box to the left of the BEN and choose one of the following:

  • Add Related Entity pulls up a list of the entities associated with the BEN. You can add any of the entities on the list to your FCC Form 471. (See below for how to associate a school to your school district or a library branch to your library system.)
  • Edit allows you to edit the information that appears in the organization’s profile. Remember that the profile itself is not updated by any modifications you make here.

> Related Entities:  If you click the Entity button and then click Related Entities, you are presented with the current list of entities associated with the BEN on this form. To modify information for an entity, check the box to the left of the entity’s name.

  • Clicking Remove will remove the selected entity from the application.
  • Clicking Edit allows you to edit the same information that appears in the entity’s profile. Remember that the profile itself is not updated by any modifications you make here.


After you’ve completed data entry for all of the modifications you would like to submit in this request, review the Requested Changes table one last time to make sure all of your modifications are correct. You can always remove a requested modification by checking the box to the left of the modification and clicking the ‘Remove’ button.  To submit your request, click the Finish & Submit Request button at the bottom of the screen.

You can review your submitted RAL Corrections by clicking the Reports tab at the top of your EPC Landing Page, and choosing My Submitted Modification Requests (RAL). You can also click the word View in the Supporting Document(s) column to see the documents you have uploaded to that request.

If you have any questions about RAL Corrections, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

– Julie

Julie Tritt Schell
PA E-rate Coordinator

717-730-7133 – o
717-730-9060 – f


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