Shortcut to Updating Enrollment/NSLP Data in EPC

December 20, 2017

Attached: Guide to Quickly Updating Enrollment-NSLP in EPC

One of the most arduous aspects of updating each school’s enrollment and NSLP data in EPC is the large number of clicks needed to find each school.  I’ve found a shortcut to this process and I hope you find it helpful.  Basically, from the EPC Landing Page, click on the District’s Name and then select “Discount Rate.” Then click on “Show Entities” to bring up the entire list of schools in your EPC profile.  From there, right click on each school’s name and select “Open in a new tab.”  Then just click on each tab, select Manage Organization and update the data.  When you’re done updating the data in each tab, click on the District’s tab and Discount Calculations again for the data to refresh.

Below are very specific steps, and a Guide with screenshots is attached.  Don’t forget that this data must be updated before the Admin Window closes on January 10.  The PDE DRAFT enrollment/NSLP data is available at:

STEP 1 – Click on District’s Name from EPC Landing Page under the USAC logo (beside the word Welcome).  Or click on the District’s Name which is at the top of the “Entities” list on the Landing Page.
STEP 2 – Click on “DISCOUNT RATE” from the top toolbar.
STEP 3 – Click on “SHOW ENTITIES” and a list of schools will appear.

STEP 4 – Right Click on each school name and select “Open link in new tab.”   Do this consecutively for each school name on the list.  This will create a long list of tabs at the top of your browser.
STEP 5 – Click on the tab for the first school, and then click “MANAGE ORGANIZATION” to open the “editable” version of the page.
STEP 6 – Scroll down the page to the Enrollment and NSLP date and update.  Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page, and then proceed to the next tab in your browser to modify that school’s Enrollment and NSLP data.  Do this for each school.
STEP 7 – After each schools’ data has been updated, then click on the first tab which should be the District’s tab.  Click on “DISCOUNT RATE” again which will update all of the data.  Review the Enrollment and NSLP data to ensure the totals are accurate.  If they do not match the totals you have, click on “SHOW ENTITIES” to determine where the inaccurate data exists.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at!

– Julie

Julie Tritt Schell
PA E-rate Coordinator
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