Final Days to Sign PEPPM LOA – Are You on the List?

July 23, 2018

~ If you ARE on the list below, please sign LOA ASAP ~

~ Deadline to sign is Friday, July 27 ~
~ Only 26 districts haven’t signed! ~

The FCC’s 2014 E-rate Modernization Order included a new provision requiring all consortia leads to obtain a signed LOA (Letter of Agency) from their participating members before the Form 470 is posted.  The current PA PEPPM Contract is being rebid starting in July 2018, so we need all entities that may wish to use the PEPPM contract for E-rate purchases in the next 3 years to complete an online PEPPM LOA to be included in the initial procurement.  If an entity does not complete the PEPPM LOA, they will not be permitted to conduct a PEPPM mini-bid and cite the PEPPM contract on a future Form 471.

Below is a list of school districts and AVTS entities that have NOT yet signed the LOA.  If your entity’s name is on the list, please sign the LOA absolutely no later than Friday, July 27.

By signing this LOA, you are not obligating yourself whatsoever to purchase from the PEPPM contract.  You are merely stating that you are allowing the PEPPM administrators to include you as an eligible entity on the Form 470.  However, if you do not sign the PEPPM LOA, you will NOT be able to use the PEPPM contract for E-rate eligible purchases.  Therefore, I encourage all PA public schools (districts, charters, IUs, and vo-techs) to sign the LOA to give yourself as many bidding options as possible should you choose to use the E-rate Category 2 funding in the future.

Although nonpublic schools and libraries typically do not use the PEPPM contract for their E-rate purchases because they don’t have state law bidding restrictions, they are welcome to complete the online PEPPM LOA to given themselves the option to conduct a PEPPM mini-bid in the future.

The LOAs must be completed/submitted by school employees; consultants are not permitted to sign LOAs on behalf of their clients.

The online LOA is very simple to complete and should take about 15 seconds.  You do not need to print, sign and mail the LOA — the online submission is sufficient.

Again, there is no harm or obligation that will come from signing this LOA; it simply allows you the possibility of citing the PEPPM contract on an a future E-rate funding request.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at

– Julie

Entity IU Type
Admiral Peary AVTS 8 AVTS
Aliquippa SD 27 District
Apollo-Ridge SD 28 District
Butler County AVTS 4 AVTS
Carbondale Area SD 19 District
Center for Arts & Technology 24 AVTS
Central Valley SD 27 District
Chartiers Valley SD 3 District
City of Erie Regional Career & Tech School 5 AVTS
Crawford County AVTS 5 AVTS
CTC of Lackawanna County 19 AVTS
Dauphin County AVTS 15 AVTS
Deer Lakes SD 3 District
Dunmore SD 19 District
Duquesne City SD 3 District
Erie County Technical School 5 AVTS
Forbes Road CTC 3 AVTS
Forest Hills SD 8 District
Fulton County AVTS 11 AVTS
Gateway SD 3 District
Greater Altoona CTC 8 AVTS
Hazleton Area Career Center 18 AVTS
Huntingdon Co CTC 11 AVTS
Juniata County SD 11 District
Juniata-Mifflin County AVTS 11 AVTS
Keystone Central AVTS 10 AVTS
Laurel SD 4 District
Lawrence County AVTS 4 AVTS
Lenape Tech 28 AVTS
Lewisburg Area SD 16 District
McKeesport AVTS 3 AVTS
Meyersdale Area SD 8 District
Midwestern IU 4 4 IU
Montrose Area SD 19 District
North Fayette County AVTS 1 AVTS
Parkway West AVTS 3 AVTS
Penn-Delco SD 25 District
Riverview SD 3 District
Salisbury Township SD 21 District
Seneca Highlands AVTS 9 AVTS
Seneca Valley SD 4 District
Shade-Central City SD 8 District
South Fayette Township SD 3 District
South Middleton SD 15 District
Steel Center AVTS 3 AVTS
Susquehanna Community SD 19 District
Upper Dublin SD 23 District
Warren County AVTS 5 AVTS
West Middlesex Area SD 4 District
Western Beaver County SD 27 District
Wilkes-Barre AVTS 18 AVTS

Julie Tritt Schell

PA E-rate Coordinator
717-730-7133 – o
717-730-9060 – f

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