FY 2020, Wave 1 E-rate Funding Commitments Issued!

May 11, 2020

Attached: FCDL Guide – FY 2020

Attached: Wave 1

~ FCDL Guide Attached ~

~ Form 486 Guide Coming Soon ~

The first wave of Funding Year 2020 has been released!

Congratulations to the following 608 PA schools and libraries (1058 separate FRNs), committing $20,445,659.24.  This huge wave includes commitments for both Category 1 and Category 2 requests.  A list of the funded applicants is below and a more detailed analysis of this funding wave is attached.  If you are included on this list, the next step is to log into EPC to “generate” your FCDL, file the Form 486, and contact your vendors to request discounted billing.  The FCDLs are attached as PDFs to the commitment e-mail, and are being sent to the Form 471 contact as well as the EPC Account Administrator (AA), however all EPC users can download the FCDL PDF in their EPC portals.  A FCDL User-Guide is attached to this message.

If you were NOT included in this wave, do not worry!  It just means that your application hasn’t yet been reviewed/decided.  Be watching for e-mail for notification that your PIA questions are available in EPC.  As soon as the questions are answered, you’ll likely be in an upcoming funding wave.  A funding wave will be released each week until all funds are exhausted.

A few notes:

– The next step is to file the Form 486 in EPC.  If you file the 486 before July 31, check the Early Filing box on the form.  Also, please be careful to check the accurate CIPA certifications on the final page (don’t get click happy!).  I’ll send a 486 Guide shortly that will provide more information.

–  On the attached spreadsheet, if column I shows a red “no” it means your service provider has not yet submitted their FY 2020 Form 473 SPAC Form.  You may wish to contact the vendor and let them know this should be filed ASAP in the vendor e-File System.  Without this filing, the vendor, nor the applicant can submit an invoice to USAC for reimbursements.

– If your FRN was modified or denied, Columns O and P will provide what was modified from the original application or why the funding request was denied.  If you do not agree with the modification or the denial, please consider submitting an appeal to USAC within 60 day of the FCDL date.  If you’re unsure whether you should appeal, please let me know and I can provide guidance.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

– Julie

Julie Tritt Schell
Pennsylvania E-rate Coordinator
717-730-7133 – o



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