Final Day to Submit ECF Applications!

August 13, 2021

Good morning to all my PA school and library friends!

Today is the final day to submit applications for the $7 billion Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF).  So far, approximately 60 PA applicants have submitted 232 applications, requesting $41 million, and about another 100 applications are in draft form.  If you have students or library patrons with unmet needs, please file an ECF application today!

Here are a few lasts minute tips if you haven’t yet pulled the trigger:

If you started an application and now can’t find the draft, look under the “Pending Tasks” tab and not “My Applications”.

  1. If you’re applying for mobile broadband service, you can use 4GB as the upload and download speeds.
  2. You can put both equipment and service FRNs on the same Form 471 – but not both on the same FRN.  Wi-Fi Hotspot devices and monthly internet service costs must be on separate FRNs (one is equipment and the other services).
  3. Don’t forget to include taxes/fees as a separate FRN Line Item, if any will be assessed.
  4. Licenses must be bundled with device cost.  Separately priced licenses are not eligible.
  5. If your device costs more than $400, only list $400 for the cost (not the higher amount).
  6. If you’re applying for devices or internet for teachers, be sure to explain this in the narrative as the reason why your unmet needs estimates won’t match the quantity on your application.
  7. If you’re filing multiple 471s, the answers to your Unmet Needs Survey should be identical for each 471 (only applies to schools).
  8. If you’ll just be issuing a PO for the equipment/service, you can select Non-Contract as the agreement type.  There’s really no wrong answer to this question.
  9. Use the form’s default service delivery dates of 7/1/2021 – 6/30/2022.  The detailed cost section will ask you to enter the # of months that service is being provided and doesn’t automatically calculate using the calendar dates like the E-rate Form 471 does.  Be careful.
  10. If you submit the form and realize you’ve made a mistake, there’s a Modification feature under the Related Actions tab to ask your PIA reviewer to make changes.

I’m here to help!  If you have any ECF questions, please e-mail me at  The USAC ECF Customer Service Support Center is also open until midnight tonight – 1-800-234-9781.

Happy ECF filing, everyone!

– Julie


Julie Tritt Schell

Pennsylvania E-rate Coordinator
717-730-7133 – o


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