ECF Wave 10 Funding Recipients Announced

February 24, 2022

~ Reminder to Obtain Signed Unmet Needs Certifications ~

~ Reminder to Include Proof of Shipping with BEARs ~

The 10th wave of ECF funding commitments has been released, including the attached list of 7 PA applicants.  The funding commitment decision letters (FCDLs) have been e-mailed to the ECF Form 471 contact and all other Users in the organization’s EPC portal.  Total funding awarded to PA applicants in this wave is $763,223.  In all, PA schools and libraries have been committed $76,672,971 in FY 2021 ECF Funding.

Two Important Reminders:

  1. Unmet Needs Certifications:  Schools and libraries must obtain signed Unmet Needs Certifications when distributing devices/services to students, teachers or library patrons, under most circumstances.  Please refer to this message for complete details:  We understand that USAC’s invoicing team is requiring some applicants to provide proof of their unmet needs when the ECF Form 472 BEAR Reimbursement Forms are submitted.  Even if your service provider is submitting the reimbursement form, you must have these signed Unmet Needs Certifications before the vendor invoices USAC and be prepared to provide them to USAC upon request.
  2. BEAR Reimbursements:  The ECF Form 472 BEAR reimbursement form may be submitted if you have received an ECF FCDL, the equipment or services have been received, and you’ve obtained the Unmet Needs Certifications (if required).   Please see the ECF BEAR Filing Guide at: for assistance in filing the ECF BEAR Form.  Note:  Be sure to include a packing slip or proof of shipping with your BEAR so USAC can process your reimbursement request.  BEARs without this documentation will not be processed.  If you already filed your BEAR and didn’t include this documentation, you can send it to your reviewer now by adding it to your pending ECF BEAR in EPC by using the Communications Tab.

FCC Extends Service Delivery Deadline:  On 2/22/2022, the FCC extended the service delivery deadline from June 30, 2022 to June 30, 2023 for internet service and equipment funding requests submitted in Emergency Connectivity Funding (ECF) Funding Year 2021.  This means that applicants will be able to receive ECF support for up to the full 12 months of service that was committed, and/or will have until June 30, 2023 to receive ECF-funded equipment.  This does not mean that additional funding will be added to your FY 2021 ECF funding requests, or that you can seek reimbursement for more than 12 months of service.  The Order does not change the deadline for funding requests for the construction of new networks which is one year from the funding commitment decision letter date.

Invoicing Deadline:  Due to the service delivery deadline extension, applicants and service providers will now have until August 29, 2023 to submit requests for reimbursement (BEARs or SPIs) – 60 days after the new service delivery deadline.  The FCC strongly encourages applicants/service providers not to wait this long to file their reimbursement requests, if possible.

PDE Accounting Code for ECF:  On 9/28/2021, PDE released an updated chart of accounts to include the tracking of ECF funding.  The accounting code for ECF is 8747 (ARP ECF – Emergency Connectivity Fund).  Please share this with your business office so they are aware.

FCDLs:  ECF FCDLs look almost exactly like E-rate FCDLs (see sample), except there are two additional pages that provide additional information about the reporting requirements for reporting executive compensation (through and subaward activity (through under the Transparency Act or FFATA/DATA Act) for award and subaward payments that equal or exceed $30,000.  Be sure to provide a copy of your FCDL to your federal coordinator and/or business office so they can properly report this federal funding.

Appeals:  If you disagree with a funding decision, you have only 30 days from the FCDL date to appeal (unlike E-rate which is 60 days).  Appeals must be filed in the ECF Portal by clicking on the Form 471 (My Forms and Requests), then Related Actions, then Create an Appeal.

Post-Commitment Changes:  If you need to make changes to your application (post-commitment), you may do so in the ECF Portal by clicking on the Form 471 (My Forms and Requests), then Related Actions, then Create a Post-Commitment Request.  Here are the changes you can make:

  • Change SPIN
  • Change invoicing method (BEAR to SPI or SPI to BEAR)
  • Change service and/or equipment
  • Change service start or end date
  • Cancel a committed funding request
  • Reduce a funding amount on a committed request
  • Update DUNS number, FCC Registration Number, or Tax ID EIN
  • Update Unmet Needs

(Note:  If you haven’t yet been funded, but need to make changes to your application, select Related Actions, then Contact Reviewer to make pre-commitment modifications to your request.)

Congratulations to everyone who was funded in Wave 10!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

– Julie

Julie Tritt Schell
Pennsylvania E-rate Coordinator
717-730-7133 – o

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