School Bus Wi-Fi RFP Templates Available

January 8, 2024

Attached: Bus Wi-Fi E-rate RFP Template

Attached: Bus Wi-Fi Vendor Bid Template

Attached:  Bus Wi-Fi Bid Evaluation Template

To assist schools applying for school bus Wi-Fi, and because the Form 470 system requires an RFP to be uploaded for this equipment and service, we have drafted the attached RFP template.

The RFP template is comprised of two documents – the RFP (Word) and the Vendor Bid Submission Form (Excel).  Both RFP documents should be customized for your specific needs.  For example, if you already have equipment and only need services, simply delete the equipment sections from both the RFP and the vendor bid submission form or indicate N/A.  Likewise, you can add any additional information or questions for vendors in the “Additional Details for Bidders” section of the RFP and also modify the “additional requirements for vendors” section.

Also attached is a Bid Evaluation Template that you can customize to meet your specific needs.  You may add additional evaluation factors, but price must be the most heavily weighted.

At a minimum, schools should complete the information at the top of the RFP and provide quantities of buses needing service and/or service.  You also are strongly encouraged to provide a map or information explaining the geographic area in which the buses will need Wi-Fi service.

Below are instructions for how to file the Form 470.  When we have information for filing the Form 471 for bus Wi-Fi funding requests, I’ll let you know.

Filing the FCC Form 470:

  • Issue a separate Form 470 for bus Wi-Fi service and use the nickname: “School Bus Wi-Fi Service” or “School Bus Wi-Fi Service and Equipment.”
  • Upload an RFP document to EPC when starting a bus Wi-Fi Form 470.
  • Suggested Form 470 narrative language: “Seeking bids for wireless school bus service and (if applicable) associated equipment to make the service functional to provide Wi-Fi.  See RFP for additional information.”
  • Use these Form 470 Drop Down Selections, regardless of whether you’re seeking just monthly service or both equipment and service.  The RFP is where you’ll list the details of what you need.


Additional bus Wi-Fi rules and eligibility can be found at:

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