FY 2015, Wave 1 To Be Issued Later Today

May 19, 2015

~ Letters to be Mailed on May 21 ~

The SLD has just announced that data for the first wave of FY 2015 funding commitment decision letters (FCDLs) will be released today, and the actual letters will be mailed on May 21.   This wave is only expected to including funding for Category 1 services, and will be about $5 million for 322 PA applicants.   The actual list of schools and libraries included in Wave 1 will be sent to the listserve later today.  As soon as Wave 1 awardees have been announced, it’s important that the Form 486 be filed ASAP and that applicants notify their vendors to let them know they want their bills to be discounted.  I will send a separate message with detailed instructions on how to submit the Form 486. 

If you are not included in Wave 1, do not worry.  There will be 50+ funding waves and your commitment will be forthcoming.  Please see the Wave FAQs below for more information.

FAQ’s on Waves

* This wave only contains funding for Category 1 services — telecommunications services and Internet access.  Category 2 funding should begin to flow in wave 2.

* If you disagree with a funding commitment decision, an appeal letter MUST be received at the SLD within 60 days of the date that is on the decision letter (not the letter’s postmark date).

1. How will I be notified of my E-rate Funding Commitment?
The SLD will be sending out Funding Commitment Decision Letters to inform applicants of their E-rate discounts. These letters will be mailed in waves, rather than waiting for all applications to be fully processed before issuing any letters. Only those applicants who submitted complete requests within the “application window” will be receiving Funding Commitment Decision letters.

2. When will the first wave of letters be sent and how frequently will the waves of letters be sent?
A wave of letters will be mailed every week.  As each wave is sent, the SLD will announce its size and post state-by-state information on their Web Site.

3. How will I know which wave my letter is in?
There is no definitive way to know in advance which wave a particular Funding Commitment Decision Letter might be in. The SLD will post information about each wave on their public Web Site the first business day after it has been mailed.

4. Will I receive only one Funding Commitment Decision Letter?
The SLD will issue a Funding Commitment Decision Letter for each Form 471 submitted.
Julie Tritt Schell
PA E-rate Coordinator

717-730-7133 – o
717-730-9060 – f


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