Form 498 (Banking Data) Approved Status List

November 5, 2016

For applicants seeking to file BEAR reimbursement forms, a Form 498 (Banking Data) must be APPROVED by USAC before the BEAR can be submitted so USAC can electronically deposit your reimbursements.  If you submitted your 498, but have not yet received your approval e-mail, it’s likely because you haven’t yet uploaded a copy of the voided check to USAC to verify your banking data.  If that’s the case, use the following new upload link (USAC just switched it this week):

Attached is a list of FY 2015 PA applicants – if the 498 ID is showing, it means the form has been approved as of November 4.  If you would like to check the approval status in real time, go to the 498 Status Tool at:  Status will be Certified (means Submitted), Approved or Denied.  Give the Tool a minute to load, and then use “Control F” to search for your BEN (billed entity number).

Note:  If you’re not filing any BEARs, you don’t need an approved 498.  However, you’ll need one if you ever want to file a future BEAR, so it’s best to get it approved sooner than later.

Important Notes about the Form 498:

  • The Form 498 must be filed in EPC and must be certified by a school or library official.  If you cannot find the 498 under Related Actions in EPC, it likely means your EPC User Permission isn’t set to “School or Library Official.” The attached Guide explains where see/change the EPC User Permissions.
  • Don’t wait for USAC to send an e-mail with the voided check upload link – go directly to
  • About a week after the document is uploaded, USAC will (should) sent you an approval e-mail.
  • If you submitted the 498 and uploaded the voided check but haven’t yet received the 498 Approval E-mail, call 888-641-8722, Option 5, then Option 1 or e-mail USAC at

Attached is an updated step-by-step guide to filing the Form 498.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

– Julie

Julie Tritt Schell
PA E-rate Coordinator
717-730-7133 – o
717-730-9060 – f


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