File for Extension Now If You Haven’t Received FY 2016 BEAR Payment for Recurring Services

October 25, 2017

Attached: FY 2016 BEARs Due as of Oct 25

~Deadline to Request Extension is Monday, October 30 ~
~ Instructions on Requesting BEAR Extensions are Below ~

The FY 2016 invoice deadline for recurring services is Monday, October 30, 2017.  Monday is ALSO the deadline to request an extension – no exceptions.  USAC cannot grant any extension request that is submitted after 11:59 p.m. on Monday.  Therefore, I strongly recommend that everyone who hasn’t received their FY 2016 BEAR funding for recurring services request an extension – even if you’ve filed your BEAR but it has not yet been approved.  There is absolutely no harm in requesting an extension and then not needing it.  USAC will grant you a SINGLE, 120-day extension to file your BEAR.

Attached is a list of all FY 2016 applicants that haven’t received reimbursement yet for recurring services, along with the invoice deadline date.  Note: If you filed an extension request via ‘Submit a Question’, it may still be listed as 10/28/2017 because it hasn’t yet been processed by USAC.

There are several things that you need in order to file the FY 2016 BEAR and if you don’t have all of these as of today, YOU SHOULD FILE AN INVOICE DEADLINE EXTENSION REQUEST.

  1. DID YOUR VENDOR SUBMIT THEIR 2016 FORM 473 SPAC?  If Column H (Vendor 473 Filed?) shows ‘No’, you should request an extension.  Then contact your vendor prior to submitting the BEAR and tell the vendor they must submit the Form 473 SPAC ASAP.  This is an annual form that every vendor must submit and without it, no BEARs that list that SPIN will be paid.  Direct the vendor to: for more information.
  2. DID YOU SUBMIT THE FORM 486 FOR THE FRN?  If Column I (Form 486 Filed?) shows ‘Missing or Not Filed’, you should request an extension.  If you know your 486 was submitted, contact USAC at 888-203-8100 and make sure it’s still in “review” status.  Due to IT issues (bugs), some 486s are stuck in the EPC approval process and no invoices can be submitted until they’re approved.
  3. DO YOU HAVE A BEAR PIN?  If not, you should request an extension.  BEARs (Form 472s) are NOT filed in EPC; they are filed in the legacy system at:  To get into the old system, you must use your E-rate PIN — not your EPC credentials.  If you had an old E-rate PIN but can’t find it, contact CSB at 888-203-8100 and they can regenerate one for you.  If you don’t have an E-rate PIN, complete the short PIN Request template at: and then upload it into EPC by creating a Customer Service Case.  USAC will then mail you a new PIN (or e-mail it since we’re so close to the deadline).
  4. DO YOU HAVE AN APPROVED 498 ON FILE WITH USAC?  If not, you should request an extension.   The 498 provides USAC with the banking information so that your BEAR reimbursements can be directly deposited into your account.  Before you file the BEAR, you must have an approved Form 498 but you do not need to complete the Form 498 annually.  If you completed it last year, the online BEAR system already has your banking data on file.
  • To determine if you have an approved Form 498, log into EPC > Records > Form 498s > Click on 498 if one is showing to see the Status.  If no 498 is showing, then there isn’t one on file with USAC.
  • If you need to update your 498 Banking Data, log into EPC > Records > Form 498s > Click on the 498 > Related Actions > Modify Form 498.
  • If you log into the Online BEAR System, and a Form 498 ID doesn’t appear in the form, it means you don’t have an approved 498 on file with USAC.
  • The Form 498 must be filed in EPC by a “school or library official” (not a consultant).  If you’re unsure how to find or complete the 498, refer to this guide:
  • After you submit the 498, you must then upload a copy of a voided/cancelled check so USAC can be assured that the information you entered on the 498 is accurate.  USAC will issue an approval of your 498 via e-mail to the General Financial Contact.  After receiving that approval, you can THEN submit the BEAR.  Upload voided check to at:


  • If you have a BEAR PIN:  Log-in to the BEAR system (not EPC) to submit the request.  You’ll receive instant approval and the revised deadline.  Click on “Deadline Extension” on the top toolbar and enter the FRN, then Submit.’


  • If you don’t have a BEAR PIN: You must request the extension using Submit a Question  Click “Continue”, then under ‘Topic Inquiry’ select “Invoice Deadline Extension Request” > Select “Other”  > Complete the information cover page, and then in the text box, list the FRN (or multiple FRNs) for which you need an extension.  FRN numbers are included in the attached spreadsheet. This approval process typically takes about 30 days.

If you have any questions about the FY 2016 Invoice Deadlines or completing the BEAR, please contact me at

– Julie

Julie Tritt Schell
PA E-rate Coordinator

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