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February 20, 2015

Thank you to everyone who attended the Form 471 Training Webinar yesterday!  If you missed it, I want to pass along the links to not only the online archive of the webinar, but also the Discount Calculation Template Examples and Sample Cheat Sheet that I shared yesterday.  In addition, USAC has posted several very good tools to help with the Form 471 filing — guides and online short videos — and those links are included below as well.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at!

Archive of Julie’s Form 471 Application Training Webinar (from 2/19):

– Includes a demonstration of the Discount Calculation Templates, Form 471 for Category 1 and Category 2 applications.

Form 471 Discount Calculation Template Examples(Districts, Libraries, IUs as Districts and IUs as Consortia): under the Application Process section.

– These are examples of how various types of applicants should complete the Discount Calculation Templates.  I strongly recommend using a template for the Discount Calculations (formerly Block 4) instead of entering the data building by building.

Form 471 Funding Request Cheat Sheet Example:

– This is a sample spreadsheet showing what data you should pull together before completing the Funding Request Section of the Form 471 (formerly Block 5).  I used this during the 471 training webinar and received several requests for it.

Form 471 and Template Filing Guide:

– This is a PowerPoint guide showing screenshots/step by step instructions for completing the Templates, but also each page of the new Form 471.


USAC Form 471 Filing Guides:

– Includes guides for the first two sections of the Form 471 (Basic Information and Discount Calculations), but does not yet have Funding Request/Item 21/Manage Recipients guides.

USAC Video Filing Guides:

– Includes short video guides (4 – 13 minutes) for the first two sections of the Form 471 (Basic Information and Discount Calculations) as well as the Key Information section of the Funding Request.  There are no video guides for Item 21 Data or Manage Recipients sections of the Funding Request area of the form.


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