Helpful Documents – Training Binder

General 1 Powerpoint Training Powerpoint
2 E-Rate Overview & Schedule Timeline/Deadlines Funding Years 2015 – 2017, E-rate Flowchart, Overview of Glossary of Terms, E-rate Acronyms and Numbers
Pre-Commitment Processes 3 Eligible Entities Eligible Entities, Entity Numbers, Non-Instructional Facilities (NIFs) and Residential Facilities, Consortia/Letters of Agency (LOAs)
4 C1 Eligible Services Eligible Services List, Category 1 Eligibility including: Voice Service Phase-Down/VOIP/Bundled C1 Equipment/Dark Fiber Leasing and Self-Provisioning
5 C2 Eligible Services  Category 2 Eligible Services and Equipment, Category 2 Budgets, Category 2 Bidding/PA PEPPM Contract (PA Only)
6 EPC Portal EPC Portal Navigation and Activities in EPC
7 Bidding Rules Competitive Bidding/Gift Restrictions/Vendor Restrictions/RFP & Contract Tips
8 Form 470 Form 470 Overview and Filing in EPC
9 Vendor Selection Bid Evaluations/MTM & Contract Services
10 Discount Calculations Discount Calculations, Alternative Methods, Rural/Urban Status, Entering Information in EPC Profiles
Commitment Processes 11 Form 471 & Pre-Funding Review Form 471 Overview and Filing in EPC, EPC Contract Module, C1 & C2 EPC Filing Guides, Cost Allocation Guidelines, SPIN Numbers – Where to Find Them
12 Form 471 PIA Review  PIA Application Review and Answering Questions in EPC, Allowable Corrections (RAL Corrections), Special Compliance/Selective Review
13 Funding Notifications (FCDL) Electronic Notification of Funding Decisions in EPC
Post Commitment Processes 14 Form 486 Form 486 Overview and Filing in EPC, Form 479 CIPA Compliance Form for Consortium Members
15 C2 Post-FCDL Guide Purchase Orders/Asset Inventory/Location of Equipment
16 Appeals Appealing to USAC and/or FCC
17 Receiving E-Rate Funds Discounted Bills, BEAR Reimbursements (Form 472) & Payment Notifications, Form 498 Direct Deposit Information, SLD Verification of Service Provider Invoices
18 Form 500 Multi-Purposes of Form 500, Form 500 & Approval Notification
19 Post FCDL Changes Changes: Vendors/Services/Equipment/E-rate Contacts/Equipment Transfer, Equipment Disposal
20 Document Retention & Audits Document Retention, Audits, Commitment Adjustments

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